What Is Mastering?

In the recording studio, you record one song at a time, and the focus of the recording or mixing engineer is to make each song great. The result, however, is generally a collection of songs that all peak at different levels and may have different EQ's. In the post-production phase (called mastering), a professional engineer unifies the CD by using EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing to give it a consistent sound from track to track. In addition, post production can raise your album's overall level through the careful use of compression, so your album can compete with any major label release. The audio mastering engineer also ensures that your music will sound great - whether it's being played through a car stereo, a portable CD player, or a top-of-the-line stereo system. In CD Mastering, the sound of your CD will be optimized, making it sound punchy, warm, and full, while raising the overall level (volume) and highlighting details that aren't already apparent. Post production is also helpful for addressing issues such as "pops," out-of-phase tracks, and overall noise reduction.

Why choose Golden Track Mastering?

Quality - A well-designed, perfect-as-possible room and monitoring system is essential to making sure a mix will sound great on every speaker system. For example: It ensures that your mix played in a club the lows will be big and punchy, but not be overwhelming on a smaller speaker system Golden Track Studio has been built from the ground up to ensure the most accurate mixes in San Diego.

Experience - A great deal of expertise and great gear is essential to enhance warmth, clarity, and the punchiness of a mix, and an experienced fresh pair of ears can make the difference between a good song and a great one. Our engineers are experienced and Golden Track Mastering has worked on countless albums including releases for Atlantic and Jive, so take a listen to the difference between a normal track, and a golden track.

Convenience and Value - Never has it been easier or more affordable to work with the best studio in San Diego, you can mail us your tracks and then download them from our website instantly when your project is complete! Our rates are very competitive and begin at only $50.00 per song, progressively lowering depending on how many songs you would like mastered. You won’t find rates this low with the same high quality masters anywhere in San Diego. So give us a call and send us your mixes!

Mastering Rates

  • $50.00 Per Song
  • Call For Package Deal Details.
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